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What exactly is a Florida Medical Clinic?  In the simplest terms, a clinic is really a health care facility which specializes in caring for outpatients.  Some clinics can be found inside grocery stores, pharmacies or standalone type establishments.  These facilities handle primary care of patients from the local neighboring areas usually with the ability for people to walk in off the street without appointments.  These places handle just about any type of emergency or ailment which helps when primary care doctors might not be available.  Often, these florida medical clinic locations will refer patients to other doctors or specialists when the care needed exceeds their specialty.

The clinics are sometimes operated by large companies such as AFC or the Little Clinic which can be found inside some major supermarket chains.  Some of them are privately owned and operated while others are run by publicly managed companies.  Many have established relationships with local major hospitals making it easy for referrals.clinic

The word clinic is fashioned from the Greek language word Klinein.  The word Klinein is defined as slope or to recline.  This is evident by the layout of the doctor’s office which usually has a padded table or bed that reclines.

There are many types of clinics in the world and each has its own function.  Some of these are government funded and operated facilities that help patients with specific ailments or economic backgrounds.  Some clinics are run by a sole owner who might be a doctor and operated for profit.  Often, a patient will be evaluated by a nurse or physicians assistant or health care professional to determine the reason for the visit.  The doctor might suggest the patient e seen by a local emergency room at a hospital if the illness or injury is outside their scope.  Not every case is the same so always consult a doctor for any medical advice.

Some Clinics are: